ADCC Results 10th February 2013

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Published on: 14. Februar 2013

ADCC Beginners of 10th of February 2013 had around 140 (!) fighters representin almost all swiss teams. The results:

ADCC Beginners
10. Februar 2013
Budokai Dojo, Liestal

Junioren -60kg
1. Marco Binz (Yogaka)
2. Jimmy Martini
3. Marco Röschli

Junioren +60kg
1. Felix Skamletz (Carlson Gracie Austria)
2. Alex Büler (Yogaka)
3. Agid Hadid

Frauen -60kg
1.Nadine Meier (Yogaka)

Frauen +60kg
1. Debi Studer (X-Fighter)
2. Ramona Aschwanden (Yogaka)
3. Charlotte G (Icon JJ Team)

Männer -66kg
1. Johannes Gorbach (Carlson Gracie Austria)
2. Samuel Fortuzi (Fight Move Academy)
3. Rizza Johann (Fight Move Academy)

Männer -77kg
1. Ardian Muharemmi (Fight Move Academy)
2. Alex Siffert (Fight Move Academy)
3. tba (Disqualifikation)

Männer -88kg
1. Lars Mazenauer (Yogaka)
2. Mehdi Khellout (Fight Move Academy)
3. Lukas Lochmann (Yogaka)

Männer -99kg
1. Jason Steffens (Frota-Team Nogueira)
2. Gold Omotayo (Frota-Team Nogueira)
3. Emrah Yaman (Frota-Team Nogueira)

Männer +99kg
1. Moreno Kacapor (Ronin Fight Team)
2. Louis Neeser (Frota-Team / Nippon)
3. Maximilian Zettler (Boxfabrik Memmingen)

ADCC Beginners (junior and adult) tournament on February 10, 2013

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Published on: 4. Januar 2013

Get ready for the first tournament of 2013. It will be on Sunday February 10, 2013 in the Budokai Dojo in Liestal.

Juniors (15+ years): -60kg, +60kg
Adults Men: -66kg, -77kg, -88kg, -99kg, +99kg
Adults Women: -60kg, +60kg

Starting Fee: CHF 20.-
Subscription: Name, first Name, Weightclass and Team to

Weigh-In: 12.00h
Start tournament: 13.00
End: approx: 17.00

Participants are not allowed to have more than 2 years experience in submission fighting and have to be white-belt in BJJ.

New Highlight Video for ADCC June 4, 2011

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Published on: 13. Juni 2011

See the new highlight video of the Liestal tournament from June 4, 2011.

ADCC Switzerland – Liestal 4.6.2011 from Shooto Swiss on Vimeo.

GroundandPound on ADCC in Liestal

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Published on: 13. Juni 2011

The largest german speaking fightsports news-website GroundandPound made a big report on ADCC in Liestal. Read the complete report (in german) here:

Results ADCC Switzerland, June 4 in Liestal

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Published on: 5. Juni 2011

A huge tournament for ADCC in Liestal. 96 grapplers joined the fights on the mats. A bigh “thank you very much” for all the competitors, helpers and supporters.

Here are the results:

ADCC Switzerland, 4th of June, 2011
Frenkenbündtenhalle Liestal

Juniors (-18 years)
1. Walber Lima / Gracie Floripa
2. Adrian Steiner / Frota-Team Nogueira
3. Anderson Santos / Gracie Floripa

Women Beginners
1. Debi Studer / Shaolin Basel
2. Fernanda Rodrigues / BJJ Lausanne

Beginners -66kg
1. Tyler Austin / Frota-Team Nogueira
2. Sebastian Latella / Fight Gym Aarau
3. Sadoon Muheddin / Fight Move Academy

Beginners -77kg
1. Alex Grossmann Colin / Frota-Team Nogueira
2. Pascal Strelecek / Frota-Team Nogueira
3. Peter Danien Reber / Frota-Team Nogueira

Beginners -88kg
1. Jan Wildhaber / Frota-Team Nogueira
2. Max Zogana / BJJ Lausanne
3. Mauro Falsia / Frota-Team Nogueira

Beginners -99kg
1. Prapastica Ismael / Freestyle Martial Arts
2. Dave Flück / Azmuth Fitness
3. Jason Steffens / Ferrer BJJ

Advanced -66kg
1. Dino Carta / Frota-Team Nogueira
2. Luca Isenmann / Fight Gym Aarau
3. Stefan Hoss / German Top Team

Advanced -77kg
1. Gustavo Picone / Octogen Luzern
2. Marcello Dos Santos / Icon JJ Team
3. Nenad Kokeza / Fight Gym Aarau

Advanced -88kg
1. Patrick DeCaro / BJJ Lausanne
2. Daniel Madallena / Icon JJ Team
3. Gaeton Hardsmid / Icon JJ Team

Advanced -99kg
1. Ciccarino Domingos / Gracie Floripa
2. Alexandre Cardoso / Gracie Floripa
3. Marco Resende / Russian Demons

Advanced +99kg
1. Alexandre Cardoso / Gracie Floripa
2. Junaid Azmuth / Azmuth Fitness
3. Dino Korac / Frota-Team Nogueira

ADCC Tournament in Liestal on June 4, 2011

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Published on: 15. Mai 2011

ADCC Liestal 2011The next competition will be on June 4 in the Frenkenbündten Sports Hall in Liestal.
Again we expect more than 100 competitors and have all the great infrastructure of the very modern sports hall.

TIME: Weigh-In 09.00 – 10.00 / Beginn fights: 11.00
PLACE: Bündtenstrasse 5a, 4410 Liestal
COST: CHF 50.–

Categories are:

MEN BEGINNERS (Whitebelt or max. 2 years of any submission fighting style)
- 66kg, – 77kg, – 88kg, – 99kg, 99kg

MEN ADVANCED (more than 2 years experience or bluebelt)
- 66kg, – 77kg, – 88kg, – 99kg, 99kg

JUNIORS (under 18)
depending of number of subscriptions

- 60kg, 60kg

Teams that subscribe get a price reduction if they are more than 10 persons.

Please check the ADCC rules in the rules section.

We look forward for a great tournament! Thanks to all our supporters.

Registration via formular or E-Mail to

ADCC World-Championships

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Published on: 12. Mai 2011

Competitors-List for the 2011 world championships so far…

Rafael Mendes (2009 Weltmeister)
Greger Forsel (2010 Europameister)
Marko Ramos (2010 Nordamerikameister)
David Marinakis (2011 Südpazifikmeister)
Tetsu Hadairo (2011 Asienmeister)
Jeff Glover (2011 Nordamerikameister)
Bruno Frazzato (2011 Südamerikameister)
Timo-juhani Hirvikangas (2011 Europameister)
Ryan Hall
Rubens Charles “Cobrinha”
Augusto Mendes

Pablo Popovich (2009 Weltmeister)
Jorge Britto (2010 Europameister)
Vagner Rocha (2010 Nordamerikameister)
Davis Hart (2011 Südpazifikmeister)
Gomi Takanori (2011 Asienmeister)
Enricco Coco (2011 Nordamerikameister)
Murilo Santana (2011 Südamerikameister)
Daniel Strauss (2011 Europameister)
Leo Viera
Gunnar Nelson
Marcello Garcia
Kron Gracie
JT Torres

Andre Galvao (Zweitplatzierter 2009, Estima im Superfight)
Marko Helen (2010 Europameister)
Rustam Chsiev (2010 Nordamerikameister)
Cameron Rowe (2011 Südpazifikmeister)
Jeon Doo Kwang (2011 Asienmeister)
JJ Holmes (2011 Nordamerikameister)
Claudio Calasans (2011 Südamerikameister)
Zbigniew Tyszka (2011 Europameister)
Pablo Popovitch
Rafael Lovato

Xande Ribeiro (2009 Weltmeister)
Kari Peltola (2010 Europameister)
Joseph Lee Baize (2010 Nordamerikameister)
Igor Praporshchikov (2011 Südpazifikmeister)
Animal Anzai (2011 Asienmeister)
James Poupolo (2011 Nordamerikameister)
Renato Ferreira (2011 Südamerikameister)
Kamil Uminski (2011 Europameister )
Roger Gracie
Rudolfo Viera
Dean Lister
Vinny Magalhaes

Fabricio Werdum (2009 Weltmeister)
Janne-Pekka Pietiläinen (2010 Europameister)
Mario Rinaldi (2010 Nordamerikameister)
Mick Wilson (2011 Südpazifikmeister)
Sekine Hideki (2011 Asienmeister)
Jared Rosholt (2011 Nordamerikameister)
Gabriel Vella (2011 Südamerikameister)
Janne-Pekka Pietiläinen (2011 Europameister)


Luanna Alzuguir (2009 Weltmeister)
Lara Jayne Ng (2011 Südpazifikmeister)
Hashi Takayo (2011 Asienmeister)
Cathilee Albert (2011 Nordamerikameister)
Michele Nicolin (2011 Südamerikameister)
Sara Svensson (2011 Europameister)
Kyra Gracie

Hannette Staack (2009 Weltmeister)
Fiona Muxlow (2011 Südpazifikmeister)
Penny Thomas (2011 Nordamerikameister)
Talita Nogueira (2011 Südamerikameister)
Devi Ahuja (2011 Europameister)

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